Papa Paepo`o Boarding @Sunset Beach Memorial Weekend

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Papa Paepo`o Boarding @Sunset Beach Memorial Weekend


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Surf on the North Shore at various surf spot was rolling in with 3'ft plus hawaiian scale. Sunset Beach rolling some 4'ft plus as tide subside in the morning. Ken Bradshaw even joined us at the point with some of Point Panic Body surfing crew. Papa Paepo`o surfing was a challenge with crowds, but when end up alone coming out of a barrel feels great working that Classic "Malolo Style" of riding on a flat bottom with no skeggs. Awesome NS.
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Re: Papa Paepo`o Boarding @Sunset Beach Memorial Weekend


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Nice late season swell there :)
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I love my papa li`ili`i

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Re: Papa Paepo`o Boarding @Sunset Beach Memorial Weekend


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Da Malolo Kine Flyin' Jarrett !
Aloha nui :)
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