June 3, 2020, O`ahu Southshores @ "HIGH SURF ADVISORY"....

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Interests: building & riding Papa Paepo`o (Paipo) Boards. All types and sizes, I even rode a abandon 4'ft - 8'ft. plywood that adrift from a commercial fishing boat in Kewalo Basin, O`ahu in the year of 1996.
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June 3, 2020, O`ahu Southshores @ "HIGH SURF ADVISORY"....


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June 3, 2020 afternoon surf on O`ahu Southshores surf rolling in with hawaiian scale of 3'ft - 5'ft plus. As one has rolled in from way outside where I waited patiently for that perfect wave. As Kahanalu screamed "Yeah` Jarrett" as the barrel roaring behind me as a bodysurfer Ohelo pulled back after hearing the crowed. This wave was a few of the biggest surf that rolled in from way outside for a long-shot ride with some fast breaking barrels.
A awesome "Classic Malolo Style" of riding Papa Paepo`o board...

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Re: June 3, 2020, O`ahu Southshores @ "HIGH SURF ADVISORY"....


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Flyin' Hawaiian
Paipo surfer in repose,
Nose on the nose,
No grunting he-man pose.
See how fast he goes!
What is it he knows?
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Re: June 3, 2020, O`ahu Southshores @ "HIGH SURF ADVISORY"....


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Absolutely great pics and south coast action
Really enjoyed your post pictures
its all about the ride
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