Any Paipo Riders on Kauai?

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Any Paipo Riders on Kauai?


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Hello, anybody know of any paipo riders here in Kauai? I've never seen anyone yet. It sure would be nice to connect with someone on island. Otherwise I'm stoked to have found this great place! I'm new to the site (obviously) and can't wait to gain ideas, insight, and inspiration from all the knowledgable people on here. Alika
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Re: Any Paipo Riders on Kauai?


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Hey, Alika.

I ride paipo on the Big Island. I like sample your waves!

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Re: Any Paipo Riders on Kauai?


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I like Left Lefts on a South swell. Takes you right into the middle of the cove for a free ride in the rip straight back out to the lineup. Plus you don't have to contend with the crowded zoo at Brenneke's.

In the winter the beach at Hanalei Bay is huge and lots of vacant sandbar peaks are available.
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