Bag Surfing Article at UK Mat Surfers

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Bag Surfing Article at UK Mat Surfers


Unread post by rodndtube »

Of general interest to the paipo community -- another great prone surfing piece by John Clark.

Photo of Al Santos and Rob Hauser. Laguna Beach, California. 1969
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Re: Bag Surfing Article at UK Mat Surfers


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Haha, classic!! I remember seeing bag surfing at Makapu'u when I was a kid. The guy would get through the shorebreak with the bag deflated and open it up into the wind once he made it outside. Really fun to watch. I don't know if it was Al Santos I saw bag surfing, but I went to high school and surfed with his son Kai. He's a charger and real versatile surfer - bodysurfing, bodyboard, knee board, etc. Don't remember him ever mentioning his Dad was "bag man". The last photo of them in the article is probably 1978, not '68. No boogies in '68 and I think Kai is only 1 yr younger than me.
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Re: Bag Surfing Article at UK Mat Surfers


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thanks for posting this article great reading it
revokes memories at Sandy Beach back in the end of the 80's
Remembered a group of tough guys showing up in Harley's ready for a Sunday cook-out
At one point a group of them pulled out black lawn bags and went out in 3 foot Hawaian SIZE waves
inflated the bags up wind and charged down the beach
Each of these BIG BOYS were over 200 lbs in weight and were sliding and charging each wave making it look easy
Aloha Kawika
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