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Videographer/Cameraman Online Service


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I started my own YouTube video yesterday in an effort to start making my own instructional, informative, and entertaining paipo boarding videos for the web. I have a few video ideas, but I have no clue where to start because I don’t even have a high-quality camera for filming the paipo boarders at my beach. Is there some sort of website where I can hire someone with a camera to film a specific scene? All I need is a videographer; I can edit the video myself. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Videographer/Cameraman Online Service


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A belated welcome to the site! You don't seem to be getting much of a response to your request. Where would this paipo boarding be (location wise)?
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Re: Videographer/Cameraman Online Service


Unread post by krusher74 »

I would think a videographer would want $50 to $100 per hour to film, not very cost effective for a youtube channel.

With electronic tech being so fast paced these days, camera of decent HD quality are now cheap (ebay). People make very good youtube videos with cellphones.

I am awaiting the delivery of one of these, ... Gwody9YOxg

Whats your youtube channel name, (give us a link) we can all subscribe and see what you are up to then and give feedback if you would like it.

keith :D
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Re: Videographer/Cameraman Online Service


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I recommend for finding local videographers. Videographers on Valoso will have professional filming equipment to use. They are pretty flexible, and you can choose from a variety of videographers. Compared to some production companies, hiring freelance cameramen can be a lot cheaper. Valoso also offers video editing services if you ever want to hire out that work, too. Good luck!
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