Mike Stewart vid

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Mike Stewart vid


Unread post by bgreen »

I came across this video recently. Some of the long lines and speed at Pipeline are very impressive.


You don't get to see wipeouts, so either he doesn't or we don't get to see them. He must have paid his dues to get rides like these.

Amazing to see what can be done on a piece of foam.
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Re: Mike Stewart vid


Unread post by rodndtube »

Mike Stewart is totally the beast... and probably more so that Kelly. That footage beginning around 1:00 was insane. So much talent. And he foot surfs and body surfs better than most others to boot. I better think about getting a pair of his swim fins (ja ja).
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Re: Mike Stewart vid


Unread post by Nels »

Great vid. Assuming that was Pipeline...crowded! :shock:
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Re: Mike Stewart vid


Unread post by Junkman »

Really like the high-line speed run at 1:21
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