The Wall Paipo?

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The Wall Paipo?


Unread post by Nels »

I came across this last week. Big a screen as you can...first ride. Looks like wood paipo to me, ridden kind of "old school" paipo style (sliding off inside rail there at the end).

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Re: The Wall Paipo?


Unread post by GeoffreyLevens »

Also noteworthy how early he was in the wave and effortlessly planning for a long time on a very flat roller.
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Re: The Wall Paipo? - Hawaiian paipo board footage.


Unread post by bgreen »

Robert Moynier pointed me to that great clip.

I meant to post it here, but here is my response so far to that very ordinary video on the history of the bodyboard. It is only Hawaiian footage. Minimal text, I just wanted to collate footage (some hard to find/private) that reflected riding the Hawaiian paipo boards. I avoided a lot of the GoPro footage, though have included some: ... aipo.shtml

I decided against a video, and just opted for a site with links to video. Hopefully there is more to come. Links to video begin after Wally Froiseth's photo.
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Interests: building & riding Papa Paepo`o (Paipo) Boards. All types and sizes, I even rode a abandon 4'ft - 8'ft. plywood that adrift from a commercial fishing boat in Kewalo Basin, O`ahu in the year of 1996.
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Re: The Wall Paipo?


Unread post by Papa Paepo o »

Great ride ridden by Mike this is his push-up style with clean cuts. This guy with little concave bottom so far is the fastest board ridden and charges BIG surf. I know cause I ride beside him as I try taking off behind and trying to catch up finding him 5 length in front. Makaha 5'ft - 7'ft hawaiian scale he's taking off outside of flag-pole going for those epic longshots as everyone keep back and watch him "push-up style" stabilizing the nose as he apply his weight on the tail, comes screaming across the mid-way point.... Yes, this is my mentor Uncle Mike....
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Re: The Wall Paipo?


Unread post by zensuni »

What a great ride, from outside, very clean down the line, I think the best part is the end of the ride when the wave gets hollower and he goes for the superman stance !
I had a guitar pick shaped HPD paipo a few years ago, but I could never really figure out how to ride it the right way like that.
This video reminds me how big is the advantage to be able to catch waves early, outside.
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