sealing plywood

What works and what doesn't. Share design ideas, references and contacts for paipo board builders.
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sealing plywood


Unread post by PaipoRick »

What do you guys recommend for sealing non marine ply? I am going to make a few plywood boards from some 3/8" that isn't marine grade....I don't want to spend a lot on marine ply (at least not yet).

We need a faq for that stuff.
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Re: sealing plywood


Unread post by mrmike »

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Re: sealing plywood


Unread post by ClanB »

I used krylon spray on mine ,no clear coat and after 4 sessions I can see the grain of the wood swelling and the nose kick has flatened out a bit.
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Re: sealing plywood


Unread post by Poobah »

It depends on what you mean by sealing. A sealer can just be a thinned down version of the finish paint or varnish that you want to use. I've also used hemp or linseed oil as a primer coat under oil-based varnish. I like the fast-drying Minwax Polyurethane...mainly for the way it sands between coats. I don't bother to thin the first coat with that stuff. A slower drying (and more expensive) spar varnish might be a good choice since your plywood is thin enough to be flexy. A quart goes a long way.

Ecologically the best choice is to use whatever you already have in the garage, or whatever is free or cheap on Craigslist.

I checked the Free section on the Ashville Craigslist, and only found one old ad for a guy giving away four gallons of white exterior paint. Also saw some free plywood in a couple of ads. For a solid timber board, you could snag these headboards for free:
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Re: sealing plywood


Unread post by GeoffreyLevens »

Quick and dirty for experimental boards-paraffin driven in w/ heat gun or stolen wife's hair dryer. Be sure to get plenty into the edges/end grain parts.
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Re: sealing plywood


Unread post by Uncle Grumpy »

These days only the very cheapest plywoods are not made with waterproof glue.
Many exterior and all marine plys are water and Boil proof.
The benefits of marine ply are: more layers, thicker face veneers and no voids.
Certain types (okume) are also very light.
If you are seeking longevity, a coat of epoxy (especially on the edges) makes a great primer for most paints.
It also goes on better with a little warmth applied via heat gun or hair dryer after you roll or brush it on.
You have to sand it lightly before you paint BTW.
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Re: sealing plywood


Unread post by Atlantasurfer »

I use good old Helsman spar urethane. A couple of coats gives you a really smooth surface.
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