Space Quad Displacement Hull

What works and what doesn't. Share design ideas, references and contacts for paipo board builders.
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Re: Space Quad Displacement Hull


Unread post by karuhi »

excellent question airboy, this is something I've been wondering about since starting looking at knee boards - i hope someone follows this up with an answer.....
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Re: Space Quad Displacement Hull


Unread post by soulglider »

the front quads are at 10.5 moving the fins up on this board wouldnt work so well, for me but you could totally try it. with the displacement hull bottom contours it would move the flat spot and the deepest part of the belly t0o far forward to get the magic i need...

i have owned a few of the fin forward down under boards and they werent for me. slid out to much. i grew up on turning from the tail and rail to rail and these didnt, they turned much flatter. i felt like one of those boogie kids doing spinners-weeeeeeeeeeee! not into tricks, they are for kids! the rabbit told me so!

BUT i say, what works for me or what i want to feel in a board may not what you want. EXPERIMENT! its just a board. dont like it, make another. what ive made my lifes work (as far as making my own boards) its to tell people the truth about making boards and especially prone boards. it doesnt matter if they are perfect (what part of the wave is perfect, you have humps and bumps and bowls and drops and mush and barrels etc etc etc and all on the same wave and only hunks of the board are in the wave at one time) or if the latest "guru" shaper says this or that is the way or that wouldnt work. I got tired of my prone boards made by most of the top S.D. shapers being dogs. nothing they made ever gave me that magic feel with magic combination, speed, maneuverability, hold in the pocket and the overall loosesness, all the things i sought for in a board. it wasnt til the rebirth of the hull as cool that i started to read the reviews and how people hated them because the were too loose, flipped and flopped around on a heavy drop, rode to high to much etc, that i thought, maybe all the bad that inexperienced hull riders were complaining about would actually be the magic pill i needed to swallow. it turns out, their complaints was to be my nirvana.

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

PS Im back onto my single fins, enjoying the carvyness. Experiment!
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