Need feedbacks on the HPD XL

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Re: Need feedbacks on the HPD XL

Unread postby Papa Paepo o » Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:25 pm

Is it easier for you surf with a leash? I've never seen anyone here in Hawai'i added a lanyard on their boards. Hope to see some photos clips of you in action.
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Re: Need feedbacks on the HPD XL

Unread postby rodndtube » Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:34 pm

I find it an overall better and safer experience surfriding with a leash... especially when many, many tens of yards out from the beach and at breaks with lots of hard structures (reefs, beach rock/reef, inside cliffs, piers, jetty/groin, etc.). Although there are times I find myself having to dive under a wave, pull the board and rely upon the leash to hold the board (aka bailing), it is my practice to never do this in proximity of others for safely reasons. A leash is also useful in sand bar break waves where there is shallow water and continuous waves and currents -- much easier to get out pulling the board, diving under and so on.

Does a leash ever get in the way? Yes, on occasion it will tangle up with my board skegs. I normally use a 6 ft. leash, non-coil, wrapped around my wrist and the leash plug 3 inches below the tip of the nose of the board.
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