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Re: Superman board design

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:12 am
by zensuni
Just an input about this topic of the superman stance.
Last weekend I tried a new board, same shape as usual (long/narrow), plywood, but this time I used 15mm thick plywood instead of the 10mm I normally use.
I wanted a board easier to paddle out, which was the case, more buoyancy there was.
But something I hadn't though about was the lack of flex.
For regular bodyboard stance riding, no noticeable difference. But the superman stance didn't work well, a lot of nose diving as soon as I moved forward on the board (like I normally do).

So, for a superman stance board, I would say that the board needs flex, so that an artificial rocker can be temporarily created by the body positioned forward. That is also true for the canon ball stance.