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hanplane templates ? measures?

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:12 pm
by asier esnal
good morning I have a piece of paulownia 18 inches long 18mm fat, will it be too short? the waves here are very strong

I have seen models many measures many shapes, crazy for something so small, with keels, concave planes ....

I'm thinking of rockering the board with steam, so I practice for future paipos

I know I have a clear hand strap. I'm liking the idea of putting a singelfin, a central keel with fcs plugs and a small keel

I also have doubts to what extent of the nose put the cinch

He is also tempting me to do a handplane but for 2 hands, my collarbones are a bit worn and he is giving me some respect to force my shoulders too, I have only read a post with some of this, but very little ... =handplane

Can you help me? It's my first handplane and I'm very lost


buenos días tengo un trozo de paulownia de 18 pulgadas de largo y 18mm de gordo, sera demasiado corta? las olas aquí están muy fuertes

he visto muchos modelos muchas medidas muchas formas, una locura para algo tan pequeño, con quillas, planos cóncavos....

estoy pensando en dar rocker a la tabla con vapor de agua, así practico para futuros paipos

se que tengo claro poner correa para la mano. me esta gustando la idea de poner un singelfin, una quilla central con tapones fcs y una quilla pequeña

también tengo dudas a que medida del nose poner la cincha

tambien me esta tentando hace un handplane pero para 2 manos, tengo las clavículas un poco desgastadas y me esta dando algo de respeto forzar los hombros demasiado, solo he leido un post con algo de esto, pero muy poco ... =handplane

me podeis ayudar? es mi primera handplane y estoy muy perdido

Re: hanplane templates ? measures?

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:52 am
by GeoffreyLevens
Just my opinion but I don't think handplanes need a fin....your body acts as the "surfboard" and the handplane is the fin. The can be any size. It is really just a matter of personal preference. 18 inches is plenty long enough and width is also important to how it handles

Re: hanplane templates ? measures?

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:34 am
by zensuni
I don't have a lot of experience in the handplanes field, I tried it once only, I shaped one from a piece of pine plank and rode it. That was fun, but I got plenty of water projections in the face.
It could probably have been avoided or at least limited by shaping the bottom differently. Having said that, when I bodysurf the shorebreak occasionally, I prefer go for no handplane, so I can go crazy without having to worry about being hit by a piece of wood.

Re: hanplane templates ? measures?

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:59 pm
by Nels
I'm kind of getting from the posts that this topic is more about what I think of as "mini paipos" rather than the typical bodysurfing handplane. Having had experience with both I can tell you they are very different.

I've built a mini paipo out of wood that worked better than a mini bodyboard that everybody makes now (more like a performance kickboard). That said, anything in that size range forces the rider to grip with both hands and use the forearm (whatever you call the hand-to-elbow area), That seems to transfer stresses to the shoulders. You can't use your stomach to take load off your arms. I suppose if you just hold the board out in front of you you could get a bodysurfing boost, but your head will take a load of spray.

I have found that a traditional handplane/handboard gives me what I'm looking for. If it's wide enough you can put one hand over the other and ride that way, Superman style. When planing on the wave this allows the rider to get the head up out of the spray. I feel like it's easier on the shoulders too although I can't really quantify how that is beyond saying there's less pain later.

Here's a photo of my two most recent handboards, roughly 8" long if I remember right. I did put a keel "fin" on one, a nod to my ancient "Hand-Surfa", and it rides better than the other one. No need for rocker or nose-kick in something this small. The little squares are wood I glued on to cover the tips of the screws I used to hold the nylon webbing strap on the deck. I've never noticed any "loss of performance" from them. Photo taken after airbrush, no finish or strap yet.

Re: hanplane templates ? measures?

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:17 am
Hi Asier
My take on hand plains , they are one of the best ways to experiment with new board shapes on the water, with a good visual perspective of the board on the wave face you can adjust jaw pitch and load and try figure out best lift to drag scenario’s .

Re: hanplane templates ? measures?

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:04 am
by asier esnal
handplane 17x8

npi model 22x15. micropaipo? 2 hand plane? i dont now

npi is the abbreviation of an expression in Spanish "ni puta idea", or fucking idea. It is a retal of Paulawinia, it has been fun to do it, you have to try it in the water