Surface Mount Leash Attachments

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Surface Mount Leash Attachments


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I was talking with Kage last week about glue-on leash attachments. He said the O'Fish'L version was no longer available. I checked in my garage, but I could only find one of the Surfco E-Z plugs. For the sake of people that prefer the O'Fish'L version...has anybody seen a stash of these anywhere. Like maybe in the storeroom at a surf shop, or a dusty box of them in a marine supply store??
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Re: Surface Mount Leash Attachments


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Mitch Surf shop had some this past February when I was visiting the San Diego area
I think I saw some also at the Clairmont surf shop SD
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Re: Surface Mount Leash Attachments


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Nope on all three unfortunately. I called to check. If anybody does see these in a surfshop, grab em. The ones I've had are white about 1-1/2" in diameter and say o'fishl in black. As I recall I used resin to attach, but it's been a while. They aren't peel and stick like the new ones.
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