Paipo for sale in the PNW

Have a paipo board for sale or looking to add to your quiver? Trade? Related equipment or accessories for sale? Include a description, price and contact info. Please post when a deal has been closed.
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Paipo for sale in the PNW


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I've got a modern style custom Paipo to sell. It's 5'6" by 23 1/2" with single concave bottom and dished out deck. It's set up to be a quad or twin with a total of 6 Future Fin boxes to tune the ride for conditions. EPS blank with epoxy glassing.

At 5'10" and 165 pounds, the board has too much float and lift for me in anything other than small and mellow waves. I'm out of the water with injuries and won't see small and mellow conditions locally until next June. Someone larger and heavier could probably use it in a wider range of conditions, and experimenting with fins makes a big difference.

The board is like new, has zero damage, only ridden about 12 to 15 times.

Looking for $400. I'm out of town this week but shoot me a text if interested.

John 541 991 7275 (Oregon)
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