eBodyboarding Kevlar Fin Socks

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eBodyboarding Kevlar Fin Socks


Unread post by rodndtube »

eBodyboarding has a new fin socks offering made with kevlar weave soles it appears, in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. I have not personally tried them but believe we would all be interested in learning how they fit, how rugged the soles stand up to walking across a variety of surfaces and mostly about holding up to the wear and tear of walking across parking lots, prickly grass, pebbles, broken sea shells and hot sand. It should go without saying that for a fin sock one expects a flexible sole (and not a hard sole surf bootie).

My baseline of experience is limited to the NRS Sandal Socks which do a reasonble job. The NRS are holding up but are not to be confused with hard rubber soles. Maybe broken glass would penetrate but everyday wear over walking surfaces hold up well. I've also done some custom repairs to used fin socks that were wearing through with holes by using awning material glued to the soles (using AquaSeal FD). The NRS Sandal Socks are around 2mm and cover up to the ankle. The eBodyboarding fit over the ankle which is a good feature in use with swim fins.

https://www.ebodyboarding.com/collectio ... ie-3mm-5mm
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Re: eBodyboarding Kevlar Fin Socks


Unread post by Thumper »

Had a SheeeeIIIIItttttt day yesterday, was only going for a quick surf and after my 3rd wave stepped on a cobbler 6 hours of pain and soaking in hot water now have a burnt foot , will be looking at these socks or has anyone had good results from some full foot fins.
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Re: eBodyboarding Kevlar Fin Socks


Unread post by Nels »

I had to look up "cobbler"... yikes! Since we don't have them in North America, where do they jab you when you contact them? If it's right up the foot the kevlar bootie soles might work or help. My guess is the kevlar isn't anywhere else on the booties other than the sole though. I'd consider booties if they protected my ankle areas from stingrays.

Hope your healing goes quick and well.
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