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Welcome to the New Paipo Forums

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:25 am
by paipoadmin
Welcome to the new, upgraded paipo forums. Because this is an entirely new upgrade of the Paipo Forums you will have to complete a new registration. I think you will find it worth the extra effort - the new forums are faster and have some new features. Be sure to read the section on posting image files and attachments.

The paipo forums hosted on will be "locked" sometime during the next two weeks. Users will be able to read but not post new topics or reply to existing topics. There is tons of good information that has been shared by paipo riders over the years on the old forums so don't hesitate to browse them at:

READ THIS: As a necessary step in keeping spam bots out of the forums you will need to write a short reason for wanting to join the forums. Please make the best of this opportunity while screening for these nuisance spammers. Additionally, while registering for the forum you will be required to answer a question correctly about the best type of wave riding vehicle. That should be an easy one: it is a five letter word and the subject of this forum :)

Visit the "board index" of the new paipo forums to register:

Have fun!

Re: Welcome to the New Paipo Forums

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:49 am
by Rob
Thanks for the new member welcome. I'm now revisiting Paipo boarding with the benift of experience (one of the few in age) I am looking forward to designing and the involvement in the creation of a new board. I would also like to thank all of your contributors for the plethora of articles, interviews and useful information that brought me to the forum. Aloha, Rob.