My 5 newly built boards (from a newbie here)

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My 5 newly built boards (from a newbie here)


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From the left:

1) a Fungly model (thanks to SoulGlider) scaled up to 50X21 (for my 6-3 frame) and of 1/2" birch ply. With makeshift traction pad and varnished.
2) a smaller Fungly, 48X18 and of 3/8ths ply, with experimental handle and a bit more depth to the tail. Very flexy.
3) a 6-6 X 18 plywood alaia with deep concave on the bottom by using two layers of 3/8th ply. Same yoga pad traction.
4) a 50X24 cedar chambered wood T-belly knockoff with modded small D-fins. Too heavy but maybe OK. My first chambered board. 2.75 thick.
5) a 50X25 plywood T-Belly (same template) of 1/2" birch ply. With experimental handle. And a bit of tail scoop.

Fun to build. Inspired mucho by posters here on this forum. Coast trip this week to try them out in Oaxacas point and beachbreak delights. Epoxy super expensive here so sealed the end grains with epoxy and varnished the rest. Peace from the OAX coast, lat 17 north, sea temps 85 or so!
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Re: My 5 newly built boards (from a newbie here)


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Have fun! Waves gonna be overhead for you!
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Re: My 5 newly built boards (from a newbie here)


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Have you had any of them out yet
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