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Older/Former Paipo Surfing Forum


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The paipo forums hosted on rodndtube.com was "locked" in August 2011. Users can still read the posts but can's post new topics or reply to existing topics. Feel free to copy information from the old forum at rodndtube.com to the new forums on MyPaipoBoards.org if you have questions or comments to make (include a link to the old paipo forum thread).

There is tons of good information that has been shared by paipo riders over the years on the old forums so don't hesitate to browse them at: http://rodndtube.com/paipo/forum/

I will try to implement a Google Search box for the old domain and version of the forums. The Google search box/link on the MyPaipoBoards.org web pages searches the MyPaipoBoards.org webpage and forums:
http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=00170 ... 2lountvlki
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