Traction Pads and Clear Grip

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Traction Pads and Clear Grip


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Hi Surfers, Looking for traction or pad options for your Paipo boards?
Please check out Surf Systems Cove Pads and GryptaLite clear Grip.
Brochures and Pics attached., see GryptaLite Clear Grip options and videos, See Cove Pad options and pics
Phone: 714-380-four nine six eight
Thanks, Casey Patelski, Cove Pad Guy
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GryptaLite Clear Grip Brochure
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Cove Pad Brochure 1.pdf
Cove Pad Brochure
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Re: Traction Pads and Clear Grip


Unread post by rodndtube »

Good products, I have one and several friends do. Adds extra weight so adjust accordingly with your board.
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Re: Traction Pads and Clear Grip


Unread post by belly rider »

I have bought a few Covepads myself for my Paipo's as well as most of my kneeboards
These traction pads are of good quality and come in plenty colors to suit all tastes
They don't absorb water and have these channels to drain it fast from its surface
The pads are not abrasive on the skin as the surface of a smooth
Good job Casey from your client living in Italy
its all about the ride
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