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What works and what doesn't. Share design ideas, references and contacts for paipo board builders.
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Paepo’o - my boards


Unread post by Kamakalele »


Testing different designs, still learning and test piloting.
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Re: Paepo’o - my boards


Unread post by rodndtube »

Nice looking boards. They appear to be along more traditional lines (plan shapes). How long and wide are the boards and are they flat=, concave- or convex-bottomed?
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Re: Paepo’o - my boards


Unread post by bgreen »

I was curious about the white butterfly like shapes on the boards (like bow tie pasta, farfelle). On one board they look like stitches across a crack.
Is this there function or is it design? They look heavy or are thye lighter than they look. Either way, looks like you're having fun on them.
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Re: Paepo’o - my boards


Unread post by Uncle Grumpy »

Excellent. I know first hand the fun to be had on a alaia style paipo.
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Re: Paepo’o - my boards


Unread post by flojo »

Really cool shapes-I particularly like the one on the right in the group picture. How long/wide is it?
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Re: Paepo’o - my boards


Unread post by PhillyViking »

here is a video showing how to use butterflys to stabalize splits in wood. They are particularly good if shaping from planks. Rocker etc sells tools for making and setting the inlays. ... P15uimA078
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