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Paipo Board Bags

It would be an understatement to say I own a number of board bags, ranging from day trip bags (usually wide nose XL skim board bags) to airline tough travel bags - I travel a fair amount. The day trip bag is usually packed inside the travel bag and depending upon the destination, some towels, wetsuits and other wet gear.

As every paipo board rider has probably discovered there isn't much of a market for paipo board bags, both for everyday use (day bags) or for travel. Moreover, the relative size and shape of the paipo makes it difficult to find board bags designed for other markets, i.e., the bodyboard bag is too short and the kneeboard, fish and shortboard bags are too large. Finding a travel bag that is large enough to pack your board and some accessories (e.g., flippers, fins, wetsuits) but not so large that you be assessed with airline surfboard fees is another challenge.

My reference point for discussion is a paipo sized
50 x 20.5 x 2.5 inches.

Most of the travel bags suitable for paipo boards that I have purchased are marketed as snow boarding or knee boarding (river/lake style boards) bags -- add about 3 to 4 inches to the length and 2 inches to the width of your paipo for a good fit and to allow for a towel wrap for the nose and the rail opposite the carrying handle (double or triple layered small bubble wrap also works). Depending upon the depth of the travel bag (e.g., does it have side walls or is it sewn flush as two pieces), an extra inch or two in width might be required depending upon the thickness of your board. I have set up a few e-Bay searches that deliver board bags for sale to my daily e-mail in-box (kneeboard bag, skimboard bag and wakeboard bag).

Today's airline baggage policies are making me push the envelope on the number of checked bags - especially since I wear contact lenses and can not carry-onboard items such as saline solution, general disinfectant solutions and maybe even contact lenses, and loading all that stuff up in a board bag will weigh it down considerably. I also try to keep the paipo bag small and light enough to get "free clearance" as a "boogie board / bodyboard" and avoid the "surfboard" or oversize fees (usually not the weight, but the 62 linear inches measurement limit, i.e., L x W x D). The board is usually checked in as regular baggage and not "hand carried" like the oversize surfboard luggage (think of those 6 to 10 foot boards.

In recent years the number of board bag manufacturers has proliferated -- I don't know why, there could be several reasons -- maybe because profit margins were so good that classic economics are at work; an explosion of "extreme" sports such as wake boarding, snow boarding, kite boarding has created a larger market for similarly-sized board bags; and the increase of the traveling waverider. Whatever the reason we do have many more options compared to 20 years, 10 years or even 5 years ago. Nonetheless, it's still an odyssey to find a bag with the right features, fit and price (or just to find a bag, period) or to find a dependable manufacturer.

Board packed with towels, baggies, rashguards,
leashes and other lightweight gear, and ready to go

This photographs shows several important board bag features: (1) padded side panels, (2) internal tie-down straps and (3) wrap-around zippers for easy packing. Additional padding includes: (1) pipe insulation around the rails and wrapped in bubblewrap to keep the pipe insulation in place; (2) flexible polyethylene foam sheets wrapped around the nose; and (3) underlayment sheets.
A few tips for added board protection when packing for a trip
  • If you are taking surf gear on a trip such a wetsuits, rash guards, and towels then use them to provide addtional protection for your board.
  • Wetsuits and towels are good for folding around the nose and tail of the board. Or along the top or bottom of a board.
  • Be sure to wrap a towel or foam padding along the rail side opposite the carrying handle -- you and others will likely use the handle when carrying, lifting and letting down the board & bag -- the non-handle side becomes a vulnerable rail surface. I usually double or triple fold the towel befor wrapping it lengthwise along the board bags' non-handle rail side.
  • Towels, wetsuits, sheet foam, and bubble wrap provide extra protection to the top and bottom sides of your board.
  • Pipe insulation tubes and foam swimpool noodles provide good protection along the rails and for the two ends of a board. However, tubes and noodles tend to make the board bag rather bulky. Towels work and will be used. Tubes & noodle provide excellent protection when storing a board for return trips.
  • Polyethylene foam sheets (polyethylene closed-cell foam) are strong, resilient, flexible (bends without breaking) and light. Much better than yoga mats which (1) tend to be heavy and (2) don't provide as much impact resistance. Polyethylene foam sheets come in a range of sizes--I save it from shipped packages and often times surf shops have discarded sheets. 1/4 inch sheets are great for layering around the nose or tail (use two or three) and one or two sheets along the top and bottom of the board provide additional lightweight, non-bulky protection. Also available in rolls about 3/8" thick that can then be cut to your specification.
  • Underlayment sheets provide light, sturdy protection below, above and between boards. Not suitable for wrapping around the nose, tail and rail.
  • Bubble wrap is another option-- it is flexible and light. You can wrap the board but it can be a pain-in-the-ass at times. Bubble wrap also comes in sheets with closed sides--I cut it in half--leaving a longside and end open and wrap the excess around the board.
  • Double-bag the board. I use a day bag that does not have ultra stiff seam binding (so it folds easily). Many skim board day bags work well.

Pipe insulation

Swimpool noodles

Polyethylene closed-cell foam sheets

Underlayment sheets used in flooring

Polyethylene closed-cell foam roll

What I am looking for in a "day bag"
  • Basic padding to prevent inadvertent dings from knocking around in a vehicle or contact with other boards.
  • Wide enough in the nose and tail for a wide template board (some bags have a narrow nose/tail)
  • Large enough to easily fit the board inside the bag with fins (skegs)
  • Hang tag for easy drainage
  • Heavy duty zipper, non-metalic, that wraps around at least the full length of the bag on one side (more is better)
What I am looking for in a "travel bag"
  • Sturdy padding on the top, bottom and sidewalls. At least the industry standard 600 dernier thickness.
  • Be sure the sidewalls are padded
  • Wide enough in the nose and tail for a wide template board (some bags have a narrow nose/tail) - a "square" profile is better than a "pointy" shape
  • Large enough to easily fit the board inside the bag with sufficient space for towels, wetsuit, rashguards, etc.
  • Four inches longer than your board and two to three inches wider (space for reinforced padding for the nose, tail and rail opposite the carry handle -- I use towels and dense flexible foam for added padding plus my day bag)
  • Side panels (padded) of 3 to 5 inches
  • Internal tie-down straps to keep the board from moving around (this helps to prevent dings)
  • Internal pockets can come in handy for distributing light weight accessories such as fin sox, rashguards, baggies and wax
  • If the board has backpack style straps then it is good to have an external pocket the straps can be placed and zipped up
  • Heavy duty zipper, non-metalic, that wraps around at least one full side of the board and both ends plus a little more on the opposite side so you can completely open the bag like you would a suitcase, also known as a 3/4 of the bag zipper
  • An external slot for an identification tag
  • Hang tag for easy drainage -- better yet, "end loops" or handles

Below is a quick guide to commercial options. Feel free to send me your own board bag solutions.

Do it Yourself. If you have time and materials you can easily fashion a "day bag" that is good enough to protect your board from sunlight and simple scratches and dents. See below for Doc's work-up.

Bully's Surf. I stumbled upon these board bags in a Virginia Beach surf shop this past weekend (March 7, 2009), the first time I had seem them. The bags appear to be well made and ideally sized for paipos (the bags I saw were clearly marked 55 inches - there is also a 60 inch model). The bags remind me a lot of the fish bags introduced a couple of years ago. As you can see in the pic the bags have sufficient width from nose to pod and appeared to be large enough to handle a 50" paipo with fins on making these bags ideal as day bags. They should be fine as travel bags, but lack two desirable features: (1) a full length zipper to facilitate packing and wrapping of your board with towels or bubble wrap and (2) the outer pocket is not very spacious - you would be hard pressed to stuff a pair of swim fins but it would be fine for a rash guard, some wax, and a pair of sandals. The on-line price is right: $42.

More info:  Bully's Surf, LLC, 392 Via El Centro Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone: 760-966-0296 : FAX: 760-966-1562 - Email:

Victoria Skim Boards. Their "travel bags" make excellent day bags. The XL that I ordered is sized at 60" x 26" x 1/2" and 20" wide one foot from both the nose and the tail, and is sufficiently padded to protect your board from casual scratches and dings from road travel and bouncing around in the auto trunk. My board easily fits in and zips, even with a center skeg up to 7" long. The zipper is made of regular sized nylon (or similar material) and zips just around the length of one side and just around the nose and tail ends (some skim board bags only zip just around the tail and up about three-quarters length of the board. Currently priced at $75, available in several colors and sizes M, L and XL. Verify current production sizes. In the past they have not been willing to make a custom bag.  You can order by phone or through the Victoria web sites and several third party websites. Surf shops that carry skim boards will sometimes carry the Victoria board bag or bags made by other manufacturers but supply is erratic. Whenever possible try to fit your board into the bag as some of the bags simply don't have the volume or width at the tail and nose to fit many paipos.

More info:  2955 Laguna Canyon Road Suite #1, Laguna Beach, CA 92651  Telephone: (949) 494-0059

Victoria Skimboard Travel Bag Coffin Bag, Size XL. Note: This is a different model and not the Victoria Skimboard Coffin Bag, although my information is a bit sketchy until I touch and feel these bags personally.

Here is what the advertisement says, "The Coffin Bag allows you to put all of your luggage in one bag, saving both time and money at the airport. No second bag fees and you can securely fasten your product (skimboards, trunks, wetsuits, towels, etc.) in the main compartment for ease of mind when traveling.
  • Designed for air travel
  • Two inner board straps
  • Additional wall padding
  • Re-enforced zippers
  • Two inner pockets
  • Contact info. holder
  • Re-enforced shoulder strap and handle
  • Great for multiple boards.
Size: M (fits xxs – m boards) Size: XL (fits ml – xxl boards)." In response to an email question, Justin Sullivan, Retail Manager/CSR, told me that "the bag can fit a XXL Poly (this board measures 57.3" x 22.5"), our largest board, with room to spare (about an inch at the nose and tail). The zipper opens all the way around both sides to the base, allowing it to open similar to the way a book would." The XL bag retails for $110, available in yellow or black - deals probably can be found.

Note: The internal pockets are rather small and flush - see this pic.

Click on pics for larger images.

DB Skimboard Bags, Day Bag and Travel Bag.The day bag is well padded and suitable for travel if you aren't packing much. The travel bag is sturdy, featuring small padded perimeter panels, wrap around zipper, and internal compression straps to keep your board from slipping around. It also features backpack straps. Externally are wet and dry pockets and internal is a protected pocket to keep a cell phone dry. Good full body shape for accommodating wide noses and tails. Only drawbacks are the length dimensions.

Sizing Measurements: 45" x 23"

  • Exterior Mesh Pocket: let your wet gear dry out while you hike out!
  • Interior large dry pocket: coated interior pocket helps keep your gear dry and separated from the exterior pocket
  • Interior electronics pocket: perfect for your phone or Ipod
  • Hip mounted wax pocket
  • Padded backpack straps with waist and chest staps
  • Over shoulder straps
  • Suitcase carry handles
  • Interior tie down straps
  • Thick foam padding for airline travel
  • Reinforced straps
DB Skim & Skate: 2519 Pacific Hwy E Ste. B, Fife, WA  98424 (near Tacoma)
Tel.: 253-235-4611  |  GPS: N 4714'35.5"  W 12223'44.8"

Zap Skimboard Bags, Day Bag and Travel Bag. The day bag is well padded and suitable for travel if you aren't packing much. The travel bag I looked at today at Skim City, the Zap Phase Five, is a  is substantial board bag which includes solid, thick padding top and bottom and along the perimeter panels which makes it ideal for travel and storage. Outside is a good sized zip pocket for stowing your swim fins (pocket is 16 inches high and appears to be deep enough for a pair of fins). Inside this pocket is a Velcro enclosure pocket for wax, SPF lotion, your keys, or whatever.

Sizing Measurements: Small: 53" x 25" | Medium: 56" x 25" | Large: 60" x 25"

Skim City. I can't attest to the quality of their "travel bags" since I have not seen them firsthand. However, based upon the descriptions these bags should make excellent day bags with several good features and adequate sizing.

From the Skim City web site: Much like the Zap bag, this thing is very heavily padded; double, scalloped zipper on the wide end; nylon exterior; plastic/slick interior keeps the wax from soaking through the cloth; interior zip pocket for wax or keys; adjustable shoulder strap; rubber handle keeps the reinforced cloth handle from cutting into your paws; a nose loop for hangability; and assorted
colors. The bags come in three sizes:
- Small: fits only boards that are the same size or smaller than the Large Wedge , anything less than 52 inches;
- Medium: this bag more resembles the Vic bag - except better, will handle two ML Vics with traction pads, or one Large Vic  and anything shorter than 56 inches; and
- Large: fits everything else, anything less than 59.5 inches. In fact, not only is it big enough to hold two boards with decking (maybe three without), but there's still plenty of room to toss in your towel, rash guard, wet suit, or anything else you want (well, almost anything).

More info:  133 5th Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903  Telephone: 321-676-0051

Vitamin Blue. Learned about this board bag company on the paipo forums (April 2017). The company makes stock and custom board bags of all sizes and features. Price list only for stock board bags (which doesn't include paipo & kneeboards).

Address: 1005 W. 18th Street Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627
Phone: 949-645-4592 - Email form:

Click on above pics for a larger image.
Collective Development. This is now my main travel bag to tropical destinations (as of late 2008) and maybe to some cool water destinations since there is enough room to pack in a wetsuit and bootie/gloves and the usual towels, bubble wrap and Lycra accessories. It is not as tight as my trusty HO Sports bag (see below). Should be able to accommodate flippers, leashes and wax -- just gotta watch the weight limits when you fly. Also, you don't want to show up with an over stuffed and heavy bag if you want to keep from paying extra bag fees. The padded hand straps, shoulder and backpack style straps work fine; three internal pockets help in organizing accessories; internal binding straps keep things in place (like your towels and wetsuit used for padding); and backpack straps help out when hiking into wilderness spots. The bag is padded on all sides. The pictures to the left show my paipo, packed inside a skim board bag, with towels and other items packed for a trip to the tropics.

This bag is marketed as a wakeboard bag. I bought it on eBay in 2007, for $26.50 plus $14.00 s/h.

  • Dimensions:     56" x 24" x 5"
  • Nose and tail are xx" and xx" wide, respectively
  • Large center internal mesh pocket, an enclosed end pocket and a small key pocket (click on picture for detail)
Note: Execute Sports, Inc., of San Clemente, CA, divested its snow sports brands, including Collective Development Bags, to focus on water sports.

Midnight Products (click on pic for larger image)

The Trisect/Bisect Bag

Midnight Products makes custom board bags for kneeboards to SUPs and just about anything. Ask about the "bisect" design which looks something like a suitcase. A buddy has one -- it looked solid. I forgot to shoot some photographs but you get the idea in the figure to the left. Looks like a good choice at a decent price. Made in the USA. 

Midnight Products understands what is important in a travel bag -- look at their specification/option list.

  • 600 x 600 Dn Polyester Cover With Polyurethane Coating*
  • Available Colors Include Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Silver*
  • 1/2" Waterproof Shock Absorbing Foam Padding*
  • Adjustable / Removable Padded Shoulder Strap*
  • Sturdy Rubber Carrying Handle*
  • Top Zip Easy Load Style With Extra Large Zippers*
  • Zippers Run 3/4 Length of Bag*
  • I.D. Pocket*
  • Tie Down Loops For Securing to roof racks*
  • End Loops Are Used For Holding The Bag While Loading or Removing Board or For Hanging Bag*
  • Interior Wax And Fin Pocket*
  • Web Piping Reinforcement Around All Edges*
  • Customize a bag the way you want it.
  • Be sure to request internal compression straps
Contact info:
1157 N. Grove St., Anaheim, Ca. 92806
Tel.: 714-630-1377

NOTE: Went out of business in February 2017.

WaveTribe makes custom board bags for small boards to SUPs including non-standard shapes such as alaia and mini-simmons, and just about anything. Made in the Ojai, California. 

Wave Tribe understands what is important in a travel bag:

  • 6 mm Thick Padding
  • Build Like You Want (send us your logo)
  • Choose Eco Hemp, Stylish Fabric or Billboard
  • YKK Marine #10 Zippers
  • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Interior Fin & Leash Pocket
  • Padded board separator between each board
  • Padded side panels
  • Wrap around zippers for full opening of bag (ease of packing)
  • I.D. pocket on the outside of the bag
  • One Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
Be sure to read "Which size travel bag should I buy?"

Contact info:
Phone: 800-791-6521
Wave Tribe HQ, 201 Bryant Street, 4A Ojai, CA. 93023 

Click on above pic for many different views.
HO Sports "HO 720 Kneeboard Bag" (2004 model). Currently my main travel bag, at least to tropical destinations (as of late 2004). It is a tight fit but when I air travel my board is "double wrapped" with this and a lightly padded skimboard bag and a couple of towels. A light wetsuit and/or flippers will also fit, plus lightweight Lycra shirts, socks and paddling gloves; and leashes. Other accessories can fit into the external pocket. The padded handstraps work fine - there are also notches at both topside ends for a shoulder strap. I'll snatch up another of these if it becomes listed on ebay.

Retail: Original retail price unknown, purchased on eBay for $40 plus s/h, through Pine Tree Sports, 2165 Overland Avenue, Burley, Idaho 83318 Tel: 208-678-5869

  • Dimensions: 53" x 22.5" x 2.25"
  • Nose and tail are 17" and 16" wide, respectively
  • External pocket is 31" long and ranges from 10" to 14" wide

Kidder Skis USA Kneeboard Bag

This board bag was listed for sale on eBay. The seller told me in an email, "The exterior is good quality and the padding is thin high density foam. As far as air travel, I not sure on how the do their handling. So not sure how else how to answer that question."
Dimensions: 54" x 23.75" (20" wide at 10 inches from ends; no side panel height)

No other information readily available on KD/Kidder kneeboard bags

Austin Surfboards. Austin Surfboards of Virginia Beach, VA, built their first paipo in the Spring of 2007, custom made to my specifications. Since then the paipo line has done very well, sufficiently well that they actually had some paipo board bags made specifically for the Austin paipos. The Austin paipo board bag is modeled after a bodyboard bag in shape and  design. The main and outside pocket are made with drip vents and the outside pocket is perfect for a set of fins (flippers). Like most bodyboard bags, the custom Austin paipo board bags feature straps to carry the bag like a backpack. The bag is padded for travel. Some bags have mylar covering on one side.

Retail: $75 + $12 s/h, via PayPal, from the Austin merchandise web site. Or, pickup at Austin Surfboards Showroom, 513 19th Street, Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Phone: 757-428-SURF (7873).

  • Dimensions: 54" x 24" x 3-1/2"
  • Nose and tail are about 23-24" wide

Cabrinha. Cabrinha, a kite surfing company, was founded and is operated by Maui based waterman, Pete Cabrinha.  The company is a leading manufacturer of performance kiteboarding equipment: producing everything from kites to boards to accessories.  Made primarily for kite boarding, the smallest of their travel bags, the Cabrinha 151, makes an excellent heavy duty, multi- board travel bag. The bag measures 59-1/2" x 24" x 9", and the nose and tail widths at one foot are 19" and 18", respectively. The depth of this bag makes it a good choice for heavy duty travel -- plenty of room for two boards (fins removed) and light gear or one board with plenty of gear. For example, on a combo trip to cold water Northern Oregon and warm water Hawaii, I had plenty of room for a board (50 x 20.25 x 2.5), 4/3 wetsuit, 5mm booties and gloves, rash guard long sleeve liner plus warm water Lycra shirts, Lycra cold water trunks and warm water baggies, cold water flippers (XLs for those 5mm booties) and warm water flippers (ML), fins (skegs), wax, basic first aid items, SPF/sun lotions, towels, etc. The bag features an internal padded board separator and compression straps to keep everything in place plus external compression straps. Dual zippers run about 70 percent of the perimeter making for easy packing. The bag also features oversized wheels, sturdy handles and a small external equipment pouch.

You can order via many third party distributors. Mine was acquired through Kitesurfari for $123 plus $4 shipping.

Finless board inside the Day Bag
Airwave. Airwave makes standard and custom board bags. Standard sizes include single surf board bags, double surfboard bags, and coffin bags for up to 4 boards. They also make standard and custom board bags for windsurfing, kite boarding and snowboarding. They actually list paipo boards on their list design to build custom board bags. I recently ordered and received custom day and travel bags based on the short board bag designs. My travel bag features two internal pockets using a one-half inch Velcro closure across the width of the bag, one forward and one to the rear, each about 26" deep. I contacted Mark DuPaix initially via email and later by phone - he provided excellent service in discussing my needs and delivered on-time for an upcoming trip. Highly recommended.

Location: 137 9th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94118  Phone: (415) 346-3806

Day Bag ($65)
  • 1-1/2" polypropylene webbing to bind all edges
  • 1/4" closed cell high density foam padding
  • Reinforced nose, carrying handle
  • Large (#10) YKK zipper
  • Available in heavy weight 600D ultra violet resistant polyester (assorted colors)
  • My custom bag measures 54x24x1" and a 20" nose and 23" tail, at 12' from tips (very tight with the 6" fin and 3" side bites - recommend a 56" x 26" with 24" nose and tail).

  • Travel Bag ($100)
  • 3/8" closed cell high density foam padding
  • 1-1/2" polypropylene webbing to bind all edges
  • 3/4" padding at nose and tail (i.e., double padded)
  • Carrying handle
  • Large (#10) YKK zipper
  • Heavy duty 600 denier ultra violet resistant polyester top & bottom
  • Shoulder strap that attaches to removable compression straps
  • My custom bag measures 56x28x1-1/2" (with board separator pad inside) with 27" widths at 12" for the nose and tail.

  • AirWave Travel Bag ($160) Purchased by SJB (2015)

    SJB says: The bag is well padded all the way around... coffin style... handle plus detachable shoulder strap. Separation pad for between boards. Compression straps. Well made and I am very pleased. I can fit both my Austin and TBG2 (in their respective day bags) into the coffin for a nice snug fit and what appears to be excellent board protection. [Rod's Note: Technically speaking, coffin bags have side panels, but SJB's statement that the bag fits two boards with their day bags snuggly effectively provides similar results.]

    Click on above pic for many different views.
    Masterline. Deluxe Wakeboard Pack (Backpack style bag, model C622). The product description reads: Padded backpack style travel bag. More than enough room to carry your board, rope and accessories. Padded shoulder straps for comfort against the weight of your board and gear. Two inside mesh pockets for your gear or valuables and an additional ventilated outside pocket.

    I use this as a day bag for packing my board with fins on the board and can throw in my flippers, wetsuit gear and towels. Suitable for travel but a little large to pass as a no-charge bodyboard. Plenty of padding for day tripping, but add a little extra for airline travel. I wish the backpack straps had a zip enclosure (for air travel). Retail: $140, purchased on eBay for $75 plus s/h.

    • Dimensions: 57" x 20.5" x 5"
    • Nose and tail are 20" wide at three inches from the ends
    • Internal mesh pockets are 13" deep
    • External pocket has mesh bottom and is 17" x 7.5"
    Location:  40 South Main St., Winter Garden, FL 34787 - Phone: (407) 656-1133

    Hyperlite CoEx (click on pic for larger image)

    Straight Line Nomad Padded Wakeboard Bag 2008

    Other options: 

  • Destination Surf has some good bags that you might special order.

  • Liquid Force has some nice bags to 144mm (56").

  • Hyperlite features a wide line of travel board bags but most of them are too narrow (it is primarily a ski/wakeboard company). Of special note is their CoEx Wakeboard Bag made of 840 denier UV resistant material, a shoulder strap, small external pocket and dimensions of 57" x 23" (it appears to be a couple inches deep). Try,, or

  • The Straight Line Nomad Padded Wakeboard Bag 2008 looks like a decent board. The dimensions are 57" x 24" x 5" and is well padded and includes three interior pockets.

  • Wave Zone Skimboards offers a range of bags that are large enough for many paipos.

  • Kneeboard builders such at Romanosky Kneeboards .

  • M&M Watersports - you will need to email or call for bag dimensions.

  • Stay Covererd, Oceanside, California. Makes custom kneeboard bags, e.g., a day bag 6'3" x 24". Price was $40. They are 2 minutes off the freeway. Ask for the owner, Mark,  760-721-6599.

  • Dean Cleary Kneeboards. They are made for wide boards, super nice construction and $60US, plus s/h. The Cleary boards receive several high marks from users (see KSUSA), "My Cleary bag comes to work with me most days (bag sits next to a lifeguard tower) getting sun salt and rain. After 2 years it's still in near perfect condition. I give it a 5 star approval rating." and "Cleary for sure. Protection from small nuclear blasts,and interstellar debris is a must. Next one will be custom fitted [extra 20$]. As I do a lot of walking, the regular bag sometimes snag on things, and form fitted is way more comfortable. And for those who don't know... the bag is not well insulated, and if it sits in the back of the pickup, or on a rack, it will absorb heat. And get extremely hot. Not good for glass boards. I leave the zipper partly undone, for ventilation, and will also angle the bag so the sun doesn't directly hit on a flat surface."

  • David Parkes, kneeboard shaper in Australia.David Parkes, kneeboard shaper in Australia. According to a KSUSA poster, these are "INSANE bags that are much cheaper than anything in the US and are perfect for Fish/Kneeboards. I have 2 day runners, a double coffin, and a triple coffin, that are not only great for around town, but great for travel due to their smaller profile. I've been overseas at least a dozen times and never had a problem with damage. Contact The Kneelo Pimp DON HARRIS for more info."

  • markets skim board bags(and other board bags) that would conform to many paipo boards for travel purpose (and day bagging). The dimensions of the board bag are 59" long by 25" wide and 17.5"@6" from nose and tail. The Dolsey Travel grade board bags feature 600 denierpoly canvas outer fabric, 5mm shock absorbing foam, poly water proof inner skin, storage pocket, shoulder strap, heavy duty rust proof zippers and are two tone for easy recognition. The company can also be reached at: 1-800-969-7473

  • MaxWaveUSA. Barry Baker, Costa Mesa, Calif. kneeboarder, reports, "I can hook you up with great board bags! They are custom made for kneeboards by my bro Louie at MaxWaveUSA, for $50. Good quality padded and white in color. I have one for each of my boards and some of the other local kneelos have picked them up as well. If you live nearby or come to Huntington Beach to meet for a surf we can hook up at the beach with one of the bags"

  • eBay: Search for wakeboard bags or kneeboard bags (these will most likely be the tow behind the boat variety but some of these bags can meet the need). This is how I have bought most of my paipo bags.

  • Retail wakeboarding/ski companies to explore include:

  • Buy through
    Zap Padded Skimboard Bag Large 60"

    The Other Option: Make Your Own - Advice and Commentary
    by Doc (Cape Cod, MA)

    I moonlight in the boat canvas biz - and even with free labor this is how it breaks out for a 6' board bag:
    4 yards fabric ( sunbrella, factory second stuff, about $8 US per yard, 46" wide)
    Liner fabric - Nylon generic, though a sealed fabric like vinyl coated polyester: 2 yds ( it's 60" wide )
    Padding foam - 2 yd, 1/4" thick
    Shoulder strap and attachments
    Not including the price of a good, heavy duty sewing machine ($1200 US or more new, my old used Singer 111W131 needle feed was $150 all told ) and thread ( dacron sail thread - Hemingway is good, #69 or #92) and so on. That is without labor ( my rates are around $50/hr, plus markup of 50% or more on the fabric and such)...... Frankly, unless you are dating or the child of a pro seamstress (or Mom is up for it and has a heavy duty sewing machine).

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