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A Paipo Bibliography for MyPaipoBoards

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Many mahalos go out to the surfriders, and others, who made so many contributions through original source material and by sending me suggestions, scanning articles, or assisting in so many other ways in advancing our shared knowledge and understanding of paipo riding. Aloha!

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For access to the article on the Internet click here.

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Follow-Up Required Due to Missing Pages

Severson, John. 1967. Great surfing: photos, stories, essays, reminiscences, and poems. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday. [Note: many photographs were torn out of my review copy -- need to check another copy to see if there are any paipo-related ones.]

Acknowledgments, Sources, Places, Citations, Contributors...

HI Surf Advisory -- Neal "Sponge" Miyake, author, creator, freelance photographer and writer, consummate contributor to the alt.surfing newsgroup, husband and father, and a stoked resident of Oahu, Hawaii. Much credit goes to Neal for encouraging me to create the MyPaipoBoards website in January 2000.

Legendary Surfers, Malcolm Gault-Williams, historian, researcher, and publisher of surfing's culture & legendary surfers including numerous oral interviews, providing the most detailed information about surfing's history, ancient to modern times, over the internet free press.

Pods for Primates: A Catalogue of Surfboards in Australia Since 1900 ( Geoff Cater's Pods for Primates is a free online annotated surfcraft museum. In particular, see the paipo* catalogue : text and the paipo* catalogue : images. For reference citation codes, see "pods for primates: references." There is much, much more so take some time and explore.

el_roca, active alt.surfing participant; contributor of scanned articles/adds from old back issues of the surfing press

Bob Green (Australia), my principal collaborator the past years on the Paipo Research Project, in particular the extensive work he has done on the Paipo Interviews, from identifying people to interview, doing the background research in preparation for the interview, conducting the interview via phone, email, letter writing, and in-person, compiling the interview, edit, review... a lot goes into the process! Many thanks, Bob.

John R. K. Clark, author of several Hawaiian Islands beach books and the outstanding reference book, Hawaiian Surfing: Traditions From the Past (2011), contributor to the Paipo Research Project, and the person who has best answered the question, "What is the origination of the word paipo?"

Surfing Heritage & Culture Center (formerly the Surfing Heritage Foundation), for their cooperation and support in providing special access to their collection of surf-related magazines and periodicals, books and access to their artifacts and facilities.

Florida Surf Museum (formerly the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum), for their cooperation and support in providing special access to their collection of surf-related magazines and books, and site of the Paipo Exhibit in 2014, curated by Rod Rodgers,

Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum, for their cooperation and support in providing special access to their collection of surf-related magazines and books.

San Diego State University, Surfing Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, for their cooperation and support in providing special access to their collection of surf-related magazines and books.

Surfer Magazine and Surfing Magazine, long-time publishers of surfing items and source for several scanned articles and advertisements with pics and descriptions of paipos. And, The Surfer's Path, a more recent surfing magazine of U.K. origin that carries this torch in addition to regularly publishing several fine feature articles.

The Surfer's Journal, the source for information on a wide range of topics related to the culture, history, and art of surfing.

Making of America (MOA) on-line digital collections, at Cornell University and University of Michigan.

Google Books.

My local library, Baltimore County Public Library, in providing access to so many books through the Inter Library Loan program (in addition to being my first internet service and hosting provider).

WorldCat, the world's largest library catalog. WorldCat also provides a means for managing my
research bibliography and citations.

EasyBib for easily generating reference citations and providing a special account for assisting citation management.

The members of the MyPaipoBoards Forums who have collectively expanded the knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of paipo boarding. And to all the Paipo Interviewees that have made contributions, small and large, and to those unnamed paipo surfers who inspired them.

To the many others who have helped researching the literature at "special collections" sites, worked on the Paipo Interviews, stimulated discussion and made many other contributions, including but not limited to: Kim Green (Santa Cruz); Joe Tabler (; Matt Warshaw (database research); Charlie Daley; Tom Duncan (scanner, lodging and moral support!), Jeff and Jill Quam (stoke and lodging sponsorship!); Cher Pendarvis (San Diego); and, Steve Wilkings (photo editor at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center and Steve Wilkings Photography). To all the authors and sponsors of the written word, in print and on the Internet, covering the wide breadth of surf history, collectables, artifacts and more.

Feel free to send me suggestions for additions to: A Bibliography for MyPaipoBoards.

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