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Catalogue of Paipos - Template
2007 Austin Surfboards 3-Fin Paipo, 50"

Board Builder/Shaper: Austin Surfboards/Austin Saunders
Year Built and Unit Number: 2007, #2385
Location:  Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Board Name: The personal name of the board, if any.
Background Notes: Paipo-90 was delivered July 1999 and is very similar to its predecessor, except it has a bit more volume to match its owner's increased volume (the rail is now a mature 5'10" and 190#). Rails range from a soft 50-50 type shape forward to rolled over in the aft section (I prefer the Paipo-80 rail shape).
Picture can go here

Straight-line shape w/wide round tail
Material construction:
[fiberglass/foam, wood type]
Length_______ "  [total length of board?]
Width _______ "  [widest point of board? inches from nose?]
Mid-point width _______ "  [width at middle of board?]
Nose _______ "  [width 12" from nose?]
Tail _______ "  [width 12" from tail?]
Pod _______ "  [widest section of the tail, 0" for pintail, e.g., pt-to-pt for fish?]
Flyers _______ "  [distance from tail?]
Thickness  _______ "  [thickest part of board and general observation?]
Rocker, nose _______ "  [board flat on surface, vertical inches?]
Rocker, tail _______ "  [board flat on surface, vertical inches?]
Weight _______ lbs. with fins;  _______ "  w/o fins
Stringer(s) [quantity, type and width?]
Fin(-s) [Fixed/removable and number?]


Nose: For example, rounded with tip
Tail: For example, rounded square
Deck: For example, flat
Bottom: For example, flat
Rails: For example, 50/50
Rocker: For example, noticable nose lift

Glass job [top/bottom, cloth types, layers]
Designed by:
Shaped by:
Glassed by:


FINS/SKEGSCenter FinSide Fins (#_____)



Base length (h)

Total length (h)

Height (v)

Diagonal length (v)

Distance to tail

Notes: WRV custom made to my template specs.

FIN BOXESCenter FinSide Fins (#_____)






Make special notes here.

Provide source/contribution material here.

Multiple photographs are welcome and desired. If possible, include photos of boards with top side and bottom side views, view from the nose, view from the tail, view from the side (rail view) and and maybe an angled view. Also pics of any unique board characteristics, logos, numbering or special art work.

These specifications were adapted from the "Catalogue Specifications" used by Pods for Primates. A copy with additional details and diagrams may be accessed here [PDF format].  The current version may be obtained at

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