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Catalogue of Paipos
Late 1960s El Paipo Knee Machine 48 (s/n 1070), Single-Fin, 46-1/2"

Board Builder/Shaper: El Paipo/Unknown
Year Built and Unit Number: Late-1960s (?), s/n 1070
Location:  Newport Beach, Calif., USA
Board Name: None.
Background Notes: The El Paipo was a major Orange County, Southern California paipo manufacturer from the mid-1960s through the early 1970s. As this model indicates this was a transition board, from a prone riding paipo to a knee riding kneeboard. El Paipo also made a 54-inch Knee Machine.

Tear drop pintail. Not as radical a tear drop as some of the earlier models.
Material construction:
Width 20" @18 inches from nose
Mid-point width 19-1/2"
Nose 19-1/4"  [width 12" from nose]
Tail 16-3/4"  [width 12" from tail]
Pod 0" [13" @6" from tail]
Flyers None
Thickness  1-1/4"
Rocker, nose 1"
Rocker, tail Nil
Weight 6.2 lbs. with fin
Stringer(s) 1/8" redwood
Fin(-s) Removable single fin


Nose: Wide with nose roll
Tail: Pin tail and very flat
Deck: Flat
Bottom: Flat with nose roll rocker
Rails: Nose turned up to hard rear - this throughout
Rocker: Nose lift.

Glass job Unknown
Designed by: Unknown
Shaped by: Unknown
Glassed by: Unknown
Builder: El Paipo


FINS/SKEGSCenter FinSide Fins (#_____)
Manufacturer Unknown
Model Unknown
Design Plastic molded
Base length (h) 5-3/4"
Total length (h) 8"
Height (v) 9"
Diagonal length (v) 12"
Distance to tail 6"
Notes: Narrrow profile, stiff.

FIN BOXESCenter FinSide Fins (#_____)
Manufacturer Fins Unlimited
Model Vari Set

Length 8" interior length
Width ~7/8" interior width
Notes: The fin box may give clues to date of board. Fin leash hole drilled in base of the fin.

A very popular model.

Rod Rodgers.





These specifications were adapted from the "Catalogue Specifications" used by Pods for Primates. A copy with additional details and diagrams may be accessed here [PDF format].  The current version may be obtained at

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