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They Built Paipo Boards

Below is a list of known companies that built or sold paipos/bellyboards. This list endeavors to document companies whose principal business was building and selling paipo boards; companies that actively marketed and sold these boards; mom and pop garage designers/shapers that sold two dozen or more boards; and others.

Please assist us in this endeavor by sending an e-mail to: The Paipo Builders or submitting information via a form by clicking on this link or the image above.

A working list of companies is shown on a Google Docs Spreadsheet

Some of the Companies or People Who Built Paipos: ||Al Hertz Enterprises | Andreini | Austin Surfboards | Bill Wetzel Surf Forms | Bird | Chuck Dent Surfboards | Dave Sweet Surfboards | DCS | Dewey Weber Surfboards | Dextra | Dynamic Industries | El Paipo | Farfor | Frog House/House of Frogs | George Rice Surfboards | Gordon & Smith | Greek, Surfboards by the | Greg Noll Surfboards | Hansen Surfboards | Hawaiian Surf Goodies | Healthways Hawaii Custom | House of Paipo | Jack's Surfboards | Jeffrey Dale Belly Boards | MrMike | Newport Paipo | North Shore Custom Surfboards | Owl | Paipo Nui | Petrillo Surfboards | Rob DiStefano | Russell, Surfboards by | Safari Surfboards | Scud - Natal - JC (?) | Shane Surfboards | SKS (see Val Surf) | Small Faces, Surfboards by | Sonny Vardeman Surfboards | Terry Peek Designs | Thunderboard | Tiki Surf Board | Val Surf/SKS | Ventura Surfboards | WindAnSea Surfboards

Information sources/reference points include:'s Logos | Surf Research's Paipo* Catalogue: Images | Bibliography, Books, Interviews, and Magazines and You.

Also see my Bibliography for Paipo Research and
General Acknowledgments, Sources, Places, Citations, Contributors...

Feel free to send me suggestions for additions to: The Paipo Interviews.

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