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Report about the contest by Prof Mike Kliks.

Aloha na hoa: with the blessings of wonderful weather, light winds in the AM and consistent 4 to 6 foot+ walls about 60 contestants and staff. . . despite rather heavy and variable currents. . . all enjoyed a fine day a Makapu`u Beach and Shore Waters. The REDWINGS Events Committee wishes to express our mahalo nui loa to all of our supporters, donors, logistics staff, our judges, the City and County Water Safety Divisions staff at the tower who made sure that contestants and the general public were safe, and the Parks and Recreation Department and its Permits Office for making this jewel of a park available to us. . .and for maintaining its pristine condition. . .and to the DLNR's, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation, and to the officers of DOCARE for all of the hana pono that they do for all of us!

Highlights of the day included Kai Santo's winning performance in the Senior Men's Division Final with the highest combined judges score for the day of 67.5 (average ride score 7.5!) and Kawika Eckart's beautiful, classic "Makapu`u Harry" ride in the Paepo Division that scored the only perfect 10 that we know of, ever, in any heat, of any division at a Makapu`u wave riding contest.

Despite his not realizing that the CHAMPS Division heat was, in fact, the final, Kai outpointed Chris Mercier, but by just 2 points out of 55, to take that Division also. Chris's performance was exceptional because he had been suffering from cramps in his Senior Men PRELIM heat just 60 minutes earlier.

In the combined scores divisions Life-long Makapu`i Master Kawika Eckart took the HANDBOARD OVERALL CHAMP Division with his cumulative score total of 123 and Kai came in 2nd at 113.5 total points scored. Kai won the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS Division with a cumulative score of 168.5 points, Kawika took 2nd with 163 points, and Mel Keawe came in 3rd with 131 points, all 3 amazing us, again, with their skills, tactics and stamina in swimming 3 long heats in just over 6 hours against strong currents and very experienced contestants.

Your REDWINGS Events Committee is now preparing for our South Shore World Championships of Handboarding and Paepo Boarding with the holding period beginning on May 15! Stay tuned. MMK, for the RMEC.

See the results here [PDF file].

Space for pending pictures.

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