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Wave Riders:  Intimacy or Evolution -- It's All in the Eye of the Beholder




Castles, South Shore Oahu, Easter Weekend 2000. (Photo courtesy
of: JOSSPHOTO 2000, at

outrigger canoes

Windsurfing at Maui's Jaws. (Photo courtesy of Maui Windsurfing).


Sunset Beach, Oahu. (Photo: Bob Twogood)

unknown  (Courtesy:
SanO Surf Kayak Association)
surf or wave ski

South Shore Oahu. (Photo courtesy of: JOSSPHOTO 2000, at


Hasaki surfing in Israel.
(Photo courtesy of: Scotia Surfer, at

Photo to right is a "Hasake" (lifeguard boat) at Ashkelon Beach.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia.

The small conditions at Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia,
were ideal for stand up paddle (SUP) surfing.

(Photo courtesy of: Scotia Surfer, at

Photo courtesy of:
stand-up paddle boarders (SUP)

Sally Fitzgibbons making the drop on a Peruvian caballito de totora. (Photo courtesy of: Agustin Munoz/Red Bull Photofiles at

Photo courtesy of Will Meadows (photographer) and blog, Humanity's Vessel: The Art and Ecology of Canoes.
caballito de totora
Caballitos de totora are reed watercrafts used by Peruvian fishermen for the past 3,000 years. For more information see The History of Surfing by
Matt Warshaw.

long boarders

Somewhere in a small nation, Nov. 11, 2002, San Diego, CA, (Photo courtesy of: George Barnes,

short boarders

Unidentified riding a ULI board (Photo courtesy of: Jim Weir, ULI Boards.) 
Click on pic for larger view of the ULI Board
Jessica with an ULI Board.
(Photo courtesy of: Jim Weir.
uli boards
The ULI™ (Ultra-Light Inflatable, pronounced ooo-lee), are "functional, lightweight, foldable watersports boards, constructed from the same sturdy materials used in military and commercial inflatable boats. ULIs include surfboard, bodyboard, and paddleboard shapes.

Jim Weir, ULI Boards
Click for larger animation

Sunset Beach, Oahu, (Photo courtesy of: Alan "Bud" McCray, Blast Kneeboards

Photo courtesy of Ron Romanosky
Ron Romanosky at The Wedge, Aug. 1970 (Photo courtesy of: Ron Romanosky, Romanosky Kneeboards)
Photo courtesy of Ron Romanosky
Ron R. & Bud Browne with a flex spoon, Oct. 1998 (Photo: R. Romanosky, Romanosky Kneeboards)

Terry Hendricks riding his patent pending hydrofoil design,
the "Super Slicer," somewhere in Deep Baja, July 2003.
(Photo courtesy of: Terry Hendricks)

(Photo courtesy of: Terry Hendricks)
hydrofoil paipo boarding

For more info and pics of Terry's hydrofoil paipos, 
click here.

Sean Ross ripping at Pipeline  (Photo: Alan McCray, Hawaii)

Rod Rodgers, Wilderness, P.R.
(Photo: Alex Rodgers, c1999)
paipo boarding

Unidentified at Pipeline (Photo: Neal Miyake, Hawaii)

Al Santos surfing with his son Kai Santos on the bodyboard. Sandy Beach, Oahu. 1968 (Photos courtesy of John Clark).
Hawaiian bag surfing
Al Santos is the legendary master of the Hawaiian art of bag surfing. According to surf historican, John Clark, "Santos grew up riding paipo boards he made out of plywood and sand sliding on the sloping beachesin Nānākuli. With the influx of mattress covers during World War II, he began “belly bagging,” as he called it."

Read more about Bag Surfing at Mat

George Greenough:  Surfmat Master and Innovator 
Photo courtesy of 2002 Harold Ward,, See more pics of George Greenough at:

(Photo: Dale Solomonson)
The surfmat pictured to the left is a typical Y2K model:  200/70 
denier, textured polyurethane nonskid areas.

3'6" x 20 1/2" x 5"
16 oz. with a full air capacity. Wide operating range and comfortably 
floats 195 pounds.

Dale Solomonson

Other views (click on pic)

unknown  (Photo: BodyGun UK)

unknown  (Photo: BodyGun UK)

Unknown riding at unknown break.
(Photo courtesy of: The Handboard Company.

(Photo courtesy of: The Handboard Company.
(on the body)

Al Mauzy setting up  (Photo: Albydam, ca2000)

(Photo: hand-cannon co.)
(on the hand)

Andy Chiavetta killing it in Laguna
(Photo courtesy of: Aaron Peluso, Skim Online.) 
Click on pic for a woody skimboard
(Photo courtesy of: 
Skimboarding is a sport similar to surfing which
takes place near the shore. Originally made of only wood, modern forms are made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber and high density foam. Tex Haines, owner of Victoria Skimboards, designed the first foam-core skimboards in the 1970's. Dimensions vary depending upon your size, experience and conditions. For illustrative purposes, an "average" board is: 46" x 20 1/2" x 5/8". Skimboards have no fins. 

Don King, 1999 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic Day 2
(Photo: Thomas Lynch Videography, ca2000)
copyright Thomas Lynch 1999-2000

alt.surfing's Tom Keener

Dolpins Taking off at Lower Trestles  (Photo: J.P. Van Swae, in
The Surfer's Journal, Vol 8, No. 1 (Spring 1999), p. 106)
copyright The Surfer's Journal

Credits will be added as the page takes shape.

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