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Chris Fifield
Holford, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Chris is from the UK, brought up on the coast in South Wales. Being displaced about 200 miles inland this past summer (2003), and probably out of boredom, he made a wooden paipo board using his own design (a sort of straight-sided mini longboard shape).  The method of manufacture was based on plans published in a 1930's edition of Popular Mechanics (if his memory serves him right). As balsa is impossible to source in the UK, Chris ended up using 3.5" x 2" pine planks from a local hardware store which he then shaped, hollowed out, glued together and finally varnished.

He used the board twice during 2003. After each session he modified the board to remove some of its 'boxiness.'  He still plans to make additional modifications to the board:  increasing the nose and tail rocker and making the rails less 'square.'

The board weighs about 10 kilos out of the water, "but is exceptionally buoyant and maneuverable, easily outperforming modern bodyboards."

Chris asks, "Does anyone know of another board that has been built with this design?

Chris' Fifield's Custom-Made Pine Wood Paipo
(Click on pics for larger image.)

Stages of Manufacture
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

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