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Gus Acosta - The WaveArrow

"The WaveArrow was conceived because I felt that a hard, aeronautical board with the option of fins was way over due for the serious minded body boarder. Nothing similar is or was on the market. I designed and implemented this wave tool for you and me. This invention aims to provide enhanced maneuverability, speed and comfort. The WaveArrow has a tapered, upturned nose for maneuvering over rough seas, a concave valley extending along the length of the top surface to comfortably and securingly accommodate the body of the user. Concave channels on the bottom surface will aid to reduce friction with the water, thus increasing speed and aid stability and board maneuverability."
Source: The WaveArrow Website.

The Wave Arrow Prototypes

From L to R are prototype #'s:

Gus has developed 7 prototypes. Dean Edwards shaped prototypes #1, #2, #5, & #6. David Souder shaped prototypes #3 and #4. Tim Orr of Pure Life Surfboards, Kona, HI, shaped prototype #7.

Prototype #7

The Wave Arrow dimensions: 52" long (stem to stern), 42" stem to insent, 23-3/4" wide, and 3" thick.

Gus reports that prototype #7 is a paddling and  maneuvering dream. It works. The tri hull helps a lot on big wave bounce. The hull shapes, plus the fins, help with steep wave yawl. This is not a toy. For EXPERTS only! Waterwomen or men well conditioned and seasoned.
Prototype #7 on Baptismal Session

"Paipo brothers, I'm astonished that a full blown paipo has not been offered to the passionate amongst us. So here I go -- a piapo at your local surf pro shop, God willing."
- Gus Acosta

More info at:

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