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Soft Surf Designs *

60 inch Soft Kneeboard

         Pintail Softy 
Nose width: 0" (17.5" to 19" @ 12" from nose)
Max width: 22" (measured @ 26" from nose)
Tail width: 0" (15" to 17" @ 12" from tail)
Length: 60"
Weight: approximately 6 to 7 pounds
Planshape: KB60-5, KB60-12, KB60-14
Tailshape: pintail
Core: PT Arcel-PF 310/512 @ 2.3pcf
Stringers: twin carbon fiber tubes
Deck skin: 3/16" 8pcf
Bottom rail skin: 3/16" 8pcf
Bottom skin: Dupont Surlyn
Rails: 45° top chine/7° bottom rail
Nose rocker: approx. 2" to 3"
Tail rocker: flat
Tracking: twin or tri, boxed O'Fish'L fins
Leash plug: Wahoo!
Skin colors: white surlyn, white PE

These lightweight hybrid kneeboard designs are both stable and fast.   The boxed skegs make tracking a dream; and during shaping, the box(es) can be placed further aft for increased tracking or pushed forward for increased maneuverability.   They can be installed as a tri or twin fin setup.   The standard flared nose makes catching waves a breeze and aids forward planing; the pintail template lessens tail drag for speed.   The twin carbon fiber tube stringers are core embedded and make the boards *real* stiff, for down-the-line speed, yet still allow enough flex for bottom turn projection.   These are super FUN *real* kneeboards!

60" Soft Board | Soft Board 101 | Drawings

This page was reproduced by permission of Rob DiStefano.

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