Finless wide open

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Finless wide open


Unread post by Nels »

Came across this short video this morning...yes, standup...but it was pretty mind-blowing for me. Finless at speed. I'm at a stage where making things less complicated appeals to me but watching this was pretty inspiring. The guy set up a complex task for himself and figured it out. Time for me to head out to the garage and finish up a couple of things...
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Re: Finless wide open


Unread post by zensuni »

I like Fred Compagnon's videos. Besides this alaia vid, he made other ones where he also rides a sponge pretty well, prone and drop knee.
He has some interresting gopro shots, deep in the tube, using a long stick.
He seems to like alternative surfcrafts, I wonder why he hasn't tried to ride paipos and surfmat yet, could be interresting to watch !
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Re: Finless wide open


Unread post by GeoffreyLevens »

Mighty impressive minimalist tube riding. It would be great fun if we could time machine back to pre-Euro invasion Hawaii and turn them on to this. They could easily adapt to canoe launch instead of SUP. Have to experiment to see if kapa cloth would be strong enough for the foot straps...
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Re: Finless wide open


Unread post by rodndtube »

As a matter of fact they did use to canoe launch. Just no foot straps that I know of nor such righteous critical waves.

Think I will stick to my "slow" finned boards ;)
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Re: Finless wide open


Unread post by krusher74 »

You need to have a hardcore buddy or be paying a guy to sit out back and do nothing but hold your sup in waves that good!
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