Four Decades of Paipos
Green Disk V
Background:  Paipo-2004 was delivered April 2004 with a template similar to Paipo III and IV, but with thicker rails and nose area.  Rails range from a soft 50-50 type shape forward to a hard, sharp boxed round tail.
Paipo-XP04's Vital Statistics:
Straight-line shape w/wide squared tail
Length 50"  [total length of board]
Width 20"  [widest point of board, inches from nose]
Mid point width 20" at 25" from nose  [width at middle of board, inches from nose]
Nose 18"  [width 12" from nose]
Tail 18"  [width 12" from tail]
Pod 9 to 12"  [widest section of the tail, 0" for pintail, e.g., pt-to-pt for fish]
Flyers N/A  [distance from tail]
Thickness  2-3/8 to  2-1/2"  [thickest part of board and general observation]
Rocker, nose 3-1/4" from the 75% point  [board flat on surface, vertical inches]
Rocker, tail 1/2"  [board flat on surface, vertical inches]
Weight _______ lbs. with fins;  _______ "  w/o fins
Stringer(s) Single 1/8"
Material construction: Fiberglass/foam with Hawaiian print on deck
Fin(-s) Three fins, thruster arrangement
Rails Thick and turned under, hard to the rear
Glass job Two layers top and bottom, strong, heavy.
Designed by: Myself and John Ashton.
Shaped by: John Ashton.
Glassed by: John Ashton.
Builder John Ashton.
Notes:  Extra layer of glass on the bottom.  Some extra weight was traded for increased durability as my prior boards
become rather black and blue from travel abuse over time.

Fins/Skegs and Fin Boxes

Fins/Skegs Center Fin Side Fins (#_____)
Manufacturer Fins Unlimited or Ames Future Fins
Model . .
Design . .
Base length (h) _______ " 3-1/8"
Total length (h) _______ " _______ "
Height (v) _______ " 3-1/4"
Diagonal length (v) _______ " 5"
Distance to tail _______ " _______ "
Notes: I will probably buy another pair of these Future Fins and grind them down to reduce their height and diagonal length.
Fin Box Center Fin Side Fins (#_____)
Manufacturer . Future
Model . .
Type . .
Size for fins 10" box .
Notes:  . .
These specifications were adapted from the "Catalogue Specifications" used by Pods for Primates. A copy with additional details and diagrams may be accessed here [PDF format].  The current version may be obtained at


04gdv-bottomview-vertical.jpg 04gdv-sideview-angled.jpg
04gdv-logo-bottom.jpg 04gdv-logo-and-print.jpg


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