Four Decades of Paipos

Red Machine IV
Paipo-90 was delivered July 1999 and is very similar to its predecessor,
except it has a bit more volume to match its owner’s increased volume (the rail is now a mature 5'10" and 190#).  Rails range from a soft 50-50
type shape forward to rolled over in the aft section (I prefer the Paipo-80 rail shape). This paipo was sold and transferred to Rick Miale on 9/13/08 during GP2K8 and was put to good use by the new owner in the Outer Banks of North Carolina immediately. Update: Shortly after purchase Rick updated the side bite boxes to FCS. Update 2: Rick sold and transferred ownership to Tim Lumley in February 2013. The board continues a semi-active life (all three of us are inlanders)!

Paipo-90's Vital Statistics:
Straightline shape w/wide roundtail
Length 50"
Width 20-1/4" @about  xx " from nose
Nose 18-1/2"
Tail 18-1/2"
Thickness  2-1/2" mostly 2" to 2-1/4"
Weight 8-1/2 lbs. w/o fins
Stringer 1/8" redwood
Rocker Flat bottom from tail to about 10" from the nose, rocking up 4"
Fin(-s) Removable/adjustable Tri-fin arrangement (Note: later updated to FCS side bite fin boxes.)
Glass job Top: "E" fiberglass cloth w/red Hawaiian print and Volcan glass on the bottom, both with high gloss coats.
Made by: Ashton Surf Designs, Berlin, MD
Some extra weight was traded for increased durability as my prior board became rather black and blue over time.

Fin(-s):  I'll give my best shot at describing the size sizes

Center Fin Side Fins
Base 5" 3-1/2"
Height 6-1/2" 3"         (90 degrees)
Width 8" 4-1/4"  (180 degrees)
Diagonal 10" 5"         (rake?)
Fin boxes Fins Unlimited/Rainbow Fins Unlimited/Rainbow
Fin made by Fins Unlimited/Rainbow Custom made by WRV*
*WRV (two brothers that make custom fins; made to template shape specs and they shaped in some great foils)

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