Four Decades of Paipos

Green Machine I
Paipo-60 was made from an old long board (Sidewinder by Homesy [?]) that had been snapped into two pieces at Bridges, in Aguadilla, PR, spring of 1968.  This was my first paipo, shaped and glassed by two brothers (Ricky and Ruben Justiniano) and myself.  In later years I've called this my potato chip board because of its thinness, great for the crisp top-to-bottom tubes of PR.  I, too, was also much lighter back then.  This board was ridden often during 1968-1970.  Although my tempo of surfing waned considerably during the early 70s, I started to ride the board again in the late '70s on periodic trips to OC/Md and Cape Hatteras.  Rails are softly turned up forward and by midsection transition to being softly rounded down, very good edges for a this board.  The nose area is lightly spooned out (~1-1/4" thickness) and transitions to a thicker turtle top in the pulled-in aft section.

Paipo-60's Vital Statistics:
Teardrop shape w/6" square tail
Length 49-3/4"
Width 20-1/4" @about 18" from nose
Nose 18-1/2"
Tail 15-3/4"
Thickness  2" or less
Weight 6 lbs. w/fin
Stringer 1" balsa
Rocker Flat bottom from tail to about 8" from the nose, rocking up 1-1/2"
Fin(-s) Glassed-in single fin
Glass job Probably 10oz single glass bottom and top
Made by: Fellow groms and self

Fin(-s):  I'll give my best shot at describing the size sizes
Base 4-1/2"
Height 7" (90 degrees)
Width 7-1/4" (180 degrees)
Diagonal 9-1/2" (rake?)
Made by: Fiberglass fin by self

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