Four Decades of Paipos

Red Machine III
Paipo-80 was my first custom made board and incorporated design changes that had been around in the ten years leading up to ca. 1988.  GM-III is red but was never named -- just called my "new board" for several years until it was too beat up from too many airline baggage attendants and reef encounters.  Rails range from turned under soft forward to rolled over in the aft section.

Paipo-80's Vital Statistics:
Straightline shape w/wide roundtail
Length 50"
Width 20-1/2" @about  xx " from nose
Nose 18-1/2"
Tail 18"
Thickness  2-1/4" mostly 1-3/4" to 2"
Weight 7# w/o fins
Stringer 1/8" redwood
Rocker Flat bottom from tail to about 8" from the nose, rocking up 3"
Fin(-s) Removable/adjustable Tri-fin arrangement
Glass job Single glass bottom, double glass top.
Made by: Ashton Surf Designs, Berlin, MD

Fin(-s):  I'll give my best shot at describing the size sizes

Center Fin Side Fins
Base 5" 3-1/2"
Height 6-1/2" 3"         (90 degrees)
Width 8" 4-1/4"  (180 degrees)
Diagonal 10" 5"         (rake?)
Fin boxes Fins Unlimited/Rainbow Fins Unlimited/Rainbow
Fin made by Fins Unlimited/Rainbow Custom made by WRV*
*WRV (two brothers that make custom fins; made to template shape specs and they shaped in some great foils)

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