Four Decades of Paipos

Green Machine II
Paipo-70 was shaped and glassed during the summer of 1978 and was first used at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  This board differs from GM-I in its volume and rail shape.  It is longer, wider, and thicker (turtle top hump at 2/3 point) and features hard rails throughout its template.  Paipo-70 was crafted from a stripped down Pig board from the early '70s.  I was satisfied with my amateur shaping job but the glass job is a different story.

Paipo-70's Vital Statistics:
Teardrop shape w/roundtail
Length 51-3/4"
Width 20-1/2" @about 19" from nose
Nose 19-1/4"
Tail 16-3/4"
Thickness  3-1/4" max and consistently 2-1/2"
Weight 9 lbs. w/large fin glassed in box
Stringer 1/8" redwood
Rocker Flat bottom from tail to about 18" from the nose, rocking up 3"
Fin(-s) Glassed-in single fin
Glass job Probably 10oz single glass bottom and top. This board was rough and tough.
Made by: Shaped and glassed by self (and it shows!).

Fin(-s):  I'll give my best shot at describing the size sizes
Base 6"
Height 8-3/4" (90 degrees)
Width 9-3/4" (180 degrees)
Diagonal 12-1/2" (rake?)
Fin box Unknown type
Fin made by Fiberglass fin by unknown
Comment:  I had two fins, the one listed above and a smaller one that I used more frequently until it lost on a large day at Frisco Beaach, NC.  Bought some resin at the Hatteras marina, went to my campsite at the Frisco Woods Campground and glassed in my backup.

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